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Download and install the eb-Forms package now.

After installing eb-Forms go to the eb-Forms Library, select your business process and download the applicable form templates, schemas and other needed components. Then double-click a template to open the form and send an XML business document to one of your trading partners.

eb-Forms basically consist of a set of XML and XSLT (XML Transformation) files. Browsers use the eb-Forms XSLT to present any standard XML business document as an XForms form. In order to use eb-Forms, your browser must support XForms. For Internet Explorer an XForms plug-in, Ubiquity Formsplayer, is included in the eb-Forms package.

In the eb-Forms Library you also find templates and schemas for additional processes. In the Tools section tools will be available for more connection types (HTTP, ebMS, AS2) and security options. Additionally we maintain a directory of companies, organisations and industries that use standard XML business messages.

In the eb-Forms Tools section we provide you with additional tools for adapting the look-and-feel of the screen forms to your preferences, for keeping track of documents sent and received and for extraction and inclusion of form data from and into your application systems.

The Library and Tools sections will grow as the eb-Forms community grows. Therefore, we encourage you to register to get all additional benefits, support and to be kept informed of developments.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 December 2010 )